"Age is...wisdom, if one has lived one's life properly." -Miriam Makeba

For the majority of individuals, the secret to living a longer, more beautiful and vibrant life comes down to one basic issue- taking control of potential risk factors.  It is with this sound belief that Ageless Vitality and Longevity takes a place as the third facet of our 5 Principles of Well-Being™.

  • Poorly Controlled Health- High cholesterol, smoking, poorly managed weight and abdominal obesity, high blood sugar.
  • Inadequate Nutrition
  • Lack of Movement and Exercise
  • Improper Body Care

Our Anti-Aging Program includes highly individualized nutritional testing, hormonal testing, pharmacological treatments, and aesthetic therapies.  Disrupting the aging process may involve a combination of antioxidant, immune-strengthening, and body fat reduction treatment modalities.  At our center, we also pay attention to cosmetically renewing the visible signs of aging through our Skin Rejuvenating Treatments, Collagen Stimulation Treatments, as well as Nutritional Supplementation Programs.

"You are the architect of your life and you decide your destiny." -Swami Rama

Plenty of Laughter everyday!  Laugh long, laugh hard.  Laughter boosts your immunity, makes your heart stronger, and keeps you young in mind and spirit.
Avoid The Sun- UV rays are one of the leading causes of preventable damage to skin cells.  Be diligent about using sun screen with SPF of at least 30 even if you have dark or even ebony skin tone.
Detoxify your diet, body and environment of harmful pollutants and chemicals.

Treat Your Body With Respect-

Eat Right:  Choose a variety of foods, mostly plant sources.  Switch to whole-grains and eat more fiber.  Eat before 7PMMinimize saturated fats in your diet.  Eat in moderation.
“5-For-Five”:  At least 5 different colors from the Anti-aging Food Rainbow should be included in your 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day.  Blue, yellow, green, red and orange fresh produce are packed with gene-fortifying vitamins, minerals and nutrients that you lose the ability to process with age.
Plenty of Rest rejuvenates your body system.
Maintain a Healthy Weight:  Excess weight and obesity are associated with higher risk for many diseases.
Antioxidants- With proper guidance use quality antioxidants and supplements to enhance and extend the body’s own defenses.
Movement should be included in every part of your day. Whether it is preferably a structured program of 30 minutes of activity a day or just more movement incorporated into your daily activities; just move your body more!  All forms of increased body movement can improve your overall health and flexibility.
The Virtues of Water:  Water makes your skin elastic, supple and helps regulate other bodily functions.  It lubricates muscles and joints, flushes toxins, combats fatigue, preserves major organ functions and improves concentration.  Everyday drink at least half of your body weight in fluid ounces of water.
Lighten Up!  Stress not only contributes to heart disease and depression, but it also accelerates the aging process.
Proper Skin Care- Follow a regular ritual of proper skin care and maintenance to minimize the effects of aging on the skin.
Rejoice in Life and Count Your Blessings- “Not what we have, But what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance”   - John Petit-Senin.

Please call or visit our office for a complete list of treatment programs, testing and services offered - 215.782.2250.


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